Monday, 28 July 2008

Still they know how to spend money...

Well bless 'em. The PCT can't afford to provide IVF treatment as recommended by the Government and which 95% of the UK has free access to, but they can afford to build a new hospital car park at a cost of some £5.2 million (which equates to around 1,300 courses of IVF). Of course car parks are very important. They really help patients get better, help cure their illnesses, help research into new breakthroughs in medicine. But I don't suppose that matters when they aren't actually providing a Health Service, just a revenue-generating car park.

No doubt they will argue that it is being funded by York Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, not North Yorkshire and York Primary Care Trust (still with us), even though it was York's hospitals that caused in part the huge (£24 million) budget deficit that resulted in IVF treatment being withdrawn.

Smoke and mirrors, being wafted and angled by some self-serving bureaucrats it seems.

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