Thursday, 24 July 2008

In the papers

To help raise awareness of the situation regarding the lack of funding for IVF and other assisted conception methods in the North Yorkshire PCT area, I had a telephone interview with the Harrogate Advertiser yesterday. They have said that they are very surprised to hear about the lack of provision and were very happy to run an article about it in this week's edition. They also said that they will consider running more stories about it over the coming months.

Of course we are not naïve enough to think that things will happen overnight and that we will suddenly get to the front of what will be a long waiting list should it ever be re-opened, but we strongly feel that something needed to be said. infertility is often something couples are ashamed of and they will not stand up to have their voices heard. We fear that it is precicely for that reason that the PCT decided they could afford to withdraw the service in the first place.

We will post up next week once we have seen the final piece and we hope that it may help us and all the other couples in similar situations across North Yorkshire

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Anonymous said...

I had an eptopic pregnancy 2 years ago after 2 years of trying to concieve. I had to have major surgery and have been left with a damaged fallopian tube. I could concieve again naturally but after 2 years nothing. If however I did my tube is so damage that the chance of another eptopic is probable. We were referred to the IVF clinic (after being told by the consultant in harrogate that we had 3 free ivf cycles on NHS)
We had to halt the process as we had not taken into consideration the huge cost. Family have offered to help, but having a baby is expensive without having to pay to make one. We went through a terrible experience loosing a baby that we were so looking forward to. It should be every couple god given right to become parents. I have a South African friend who lives in Leeds who had free IVF treatment, I do not begrudge this but how come I am a British born tax paying citizen and I am refused the chance to be a mother.