Friday, 11 July 2008

Our first thoughts...

My wife and I are trying for a baby. Insofar we have been unsuccessful and have enquired about assisted fertility treatment in case we find that we need outside help to conceive. After an initial consultation with Professor Balen at Leeds Nuffield Hospital we have found out that North Yorkshire PCT will not provide funding for any form of assisted conception.

We have since contacted Jill Fox and Sue Redshaw, both who work for North Yorkshire PCT, and they have confirmed that due to budget deficits, they do not give help to couples who, like us, are struggling to conceive. This is in spite of Government and NICE (National Institute for Clinical Excellence) guidelines stating that at least one course of IVF should be provided via the NHS (the ideal being three courses).

Jill Fox did advise that the PCT will be reviewing their position in the autumn of 2008. Should they decide that they will start supporting treatment again, it will only open up the existing waiting list (some people have been waiting for two years since the service was suspended). Anyone requiring treatment in those last two years will only be able to join the back of that existing list. She wouldn't say how long they estimated the list to be if and when it is re-opened.

On Monday I am going to see our local MP, Phil Willis (Lib Dems) to discuss the matter and I shall post up once we have spoken.

I will also be posting as the weeks and months pass with details of our progress.