Saturday, 26 July 2008

Our campaign in the news

As mentioned in a previous post, we spoke to the Harrogate Advertiser regarding North Yorkshire PCT's position on providing assisted fertility treatment. We were very pleased to see this article in the newspaper - and on the front, at the top, in big bold type! Hopefully it will get our campaign really going and get a few more people leaving their views on our petition. So if you haven't left a message yet please do so now.

The one thing that made us smile (we have to keep smiling) was the official line from North Yorkshire PCT that 'the policy did not apply in some cases of exceptional clinical need'. So - as long as the female partner is aged between 39 years 6 months and 40 years old, she will be allowed one course of IVF, even though the average chances of success are just 10% at that age (compared to 25% at my wife's age now) or if she has exceptional clinical circumstances. The one example we were given of exceptional clinical circumstances were 'if the woman has a terminal illness which meant she would be dead before she reached the age requirement'. This is simply madness - North Yorkshire PCT are prepared to help bring a child into the world when they know the mother has a low life expectancy, but they are not prepared to help when both the parents are young, fit, healthy and wanting to raise a family together.

Priorities? The only priorities North Yorkshire PCT appear to have are to remove the little red lines on their balance sheet, not to actually help people in need, to follow Government and NICE guidelines on provision of treatment or to consider a thoughtful and sensible approach to providing the services that 95% of the UK has free access to.

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