Tuesday, 7 June 2011

IVF Postcode lottery back in the news...

With The All Party Parliamentary Group on Infertility report just released, the unfair and unjust lottery on IVF provision in our National Health Service is in the spotlight once again. Read about it here.

Unfortunately North Yorkshire and York PCT remains one of the five PCTs that offer absolutely no meaningful service whatsoever - along with Warrington, Stockport, North Staffordshire and West Sussex.

Of course now the management of these under-performing PCTs are cowering behind the pathetic excuse that recent tough financial restraints mean they are unable to offer the service.

A spokeswoman at NHS West Sussex said: "In line with NHS trusts across the country, we did have to face some tough decisions last year to ensure that we met our legal duty to break even financially".

North Yorkshire and York also recently intimated that the same financial cut-backs were behind their own withdrawal of IVF provision just a few months after reinstating it following several years of no service.

It still beggars belief that they fly in the face of NICE guidelines to offer three full cycles of IVF to all patients meeting fair eligibility criteria.

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