Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Sorry we have been away so long...

Well, as the title says really. We have had a very busy time over the last few months looking after our little IVF twins - who are coming up 20 months old already.

Anyway, as I am sure every single one of you are aware, North Yorkshire and York PCT have withdrawn funding for IVF again so soon after re-instating it. To be honest, it was an expected move with the 'global economic downturn' (I really hate hearing that excuse) but unfortunately it will become the norm for such services to be cut from the ailing NHS across the UK - more and more PCTs are cutting the service every day.

Unfortunately for us residents of North Yorkshire, we never had it good when times weren't as tough.

Let's hope that all of you that go through self-funded IVF are successful and let's keep the faith that, as failure rates continue to drop due to advances in technology, we hear more and more good news stories.

And you never know, there may come a day when technology improves sufficiently that our PCT will have a cost-effective option that they can introduce.

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