Thursday, 1 July 2010


We have just been advised that, as of today, North Yorkshire and York PCT will fund one cycle of IVF for all eligible couples. Not that this should really be a reason to celebrate - they should NEVER have withdrawn this essential medical procedure which is recommended by NICE.

Let's just hope that the (granted essential) Government-led squeeze on spending doesn't give them an excuse to withdraw it again any time soon - it shouldn't because the Government has promised to ring-fence NHS spending. But we have good reason, given what has gone on in the past, not to hold out too much hope here in North Yorkshire.

So - fingers crossed for all you lucky couples out there in North Yorkshire who finally have an opportunity to try for a family and let's hope you are all successful!

If anyone would like any further details, they can call the PCT or call Sue Redshaw directly on 07786 250721

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thank you for the updates :)