Tuesday, 30 June 2009

North Yorkshire and York PCT to reinstate funding for IVF!

Yes - we have it on good authority that the PCT has finally accepted that its restrictive policy regarding IVF treatment was unacceptable and they have stated that they will offer ALL COUPLES one course of IVF treatment via the NHS as of April 2010.

Whilst this is of no direct interest to us now, we are delighted that all the other couples in North Yorkshire we have heard from who were unable to afford privately-funded treatment may finally be able to receive IVF treatment and we hope they are all as successful as we have been.

And you never know, our little campaign may just have been partly responsible for bringing to their attention the outrage many of us have felt over the last few years.

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Richard White said...

Hi Mike,

I'm contacting you from BBC Radio York following the news the PCT will reinstate funding from IVF. I have been reading with interest how this policy has been effect couples. I'm really keen speak to someone from the blog about the work that's gone in to convincing the PCT to change their minds and what this change will mean for parents in the future.

If you are able to put me in touch with someone that would be great.


Richard White.
01423 523 646.