Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Trying to secure funding for IVF in North Yorkshire

Unfortunately we didn't manage to extract a single penny from our finacially destitute PCT, but Infertility Network UK have just released this useful guide to approaching PCTs to attempt to secure funding for IVF. We did something similar ourselves to no avail, but please, please, PLEASE do not let this put you off contacting them. The more people's lives they realise they are destroying, the more likely they will be to finally change their stance. The more exposure their woeful provision gets, the more chance we have of forcing them to finally do something about it.

North Yorkshire and York PCT simply cannot be allowed to continue to ignore Government and clinical guidelines on provision of such an important service just because they wasted millions in the past - if almost every other PCT in England can budget for the service, just why do NY&Y PCT think they can get away with not providing it?

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bryan said...

I live in North Yorkshire, and currently my wife and I are about to enter our 3rd round of privatly funded IVF. Recently when paying about £500 for the drugs, it pains me to have someone next to me getting them on the NHS.

Inside 12 months we have spent nearly £10k shouldn't we at least attract tax relief?

If I had been more savvy to the process for checking validity for funding, my wife would have been registered at my parents address in West Yorkshire, be that right or wrong it would at least be fair.

On the flip side, time is not on our side (nor anyone seeking IVF), at least paying private has teh advantage of removing any waiting list.

Perhaps the answer should be a subsidy and tax relief, but again if provided by the PCT.

When in the situation of having to do IVF, on top of the emotion the last thing any of us want is to have to battle for our rights.

Oh and don;t all the smoking patients at the door of the hospital drive you mad, they are getting treatment while continuing to self harm!