Monday, 5 January 2009

Some great news (for us at least)

As we couldn't get funding for IVF via our local PCT, we decided to fund a course out of our own pockets and it worked first time! We are over the moon!!! On top of that, we have been fortunate enough to conceive twins. Yes - after all the heartache that 2008 brought us, 2009 looks set to be a much, much better year! We are due at the end of June.

We will be keeping this blog running and will update it as and when we hear any more news from North Yorkshire and York PCT with regards to any changes in their stance on their provision of the service and we both hope that anyone else finding themselves in similar circumstances to us are as fortunate as us!

It is such a shame that North Yorkshire and York PCT continue to refuse to accept that they have a duty to provide this treatment to ALL couples without their petty restrictions. I hope that some day soon they will finally follow almost every other PCT in England and provide at least one course of treatment on the NHS. By the way 'NHS' is an acronym for NATIONAL Health Service...


Anonymous said...

hi there, it looks like the nhs are now funding please do a google search and it comes up in the northern echo. We are on the list in North Yorkshire so this is great news for us.Congrats on you twins.

Mike said...

Yes, as we posted below, North Yorkshire and York PCT have re-opened the waiting list for IVF treatment but it is ONLY for those people who were on the list when they closed it in 2007.

Anyone who found they required IVF after the spring of 2007 and missed out on the current waiting list have to wait until AT LEAST April 2010 before they can join any new list they open up!

Bearing in mind they had a two year waiting list when they closed it in 2007, someone who was at the end of the list when they closed it could realistically have a total wait of some 4 or 5 years before they start any treatment.