Wednesday, 12 November 2008

It's progress I guess. But not much....

Earlier this year we spoke to Jill Fox, Senior Commissioning Manager at North Yorkshire and York PCT and she said that the PCT would be reviewing its position on Assisted Fertility Treatment in the autumn of 2008.

Having just got off the phone to her, we have found out that they have started to offer IVF (whoo hoo).

But only to those people who were on the waiting list when they closed it in 2007 (boo).

Anyone who found they required IVF after the spring of 2007 and missed out on the current waiting list will have to wait until at least April 2010 before they can join the new one!

So realistically, anyone requiring this important treatment in North Yorkshire will still have around a two year wait before they could have even a hope of being treated.

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