Thursday, 4 September 2008

The report of shame

I have just come across this interesting report (you can download the full report at the bottom of the article) - it was completed on 23 June 2008 and shows just what IVF provision each of the nation's PCTs offers. It seems that us in the North Yorkshire and York PCT area really are the poor relations when it comes to the provision.

We really do not see how our PCT can sit back and do nothing - surely they must feel ashamed that almost every other PCT across England offers at least one cycle of treatment.

In fact, the exact wording of their statement shows that the treatment they may offer is even more restrictive than they have led us to believe - they say they have a 'financial contingency for patients on waiting list reaching age 39 who are deemed exceptional'. So - they told us they will treat women between 39.5 years old and their 40th birthday OR in exceptional circumstances when, in fact, they MAY treat them if they decide the circumstances are acceptable.

So the tiny crack in their creaking window has been pushed shut even more.

North Yorkshire and York PCT - you should be ashamed of your inaction.

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