Wednesday, 6 August 2008

An update

Well perhaps not the news we had been hoping for, but as a result of the last round of tests, Professor Balen has decided that the best course of action to take is IVF with ICSI. So now, more than ever, we will be feeling the full impact of North Yorkshire and York PCT's decision to not fund IVF.

The minimum charge for a single course we have found so far is £3,320, and prices can go up to an incredible £10,000. For a single attempt.

We wonder if they actually care that every resident of their district has to find the funds to privately proceed with treatment?

We wonder if they care that just 12 miles away, residents in West Yorkshire can get assistance with the costs?

We wonder if our tax and national insurance contributions are being distributed fairly so that they can be used to treat other people but not us?

We wonder if the 'postcode lottery' is alive and kicking?

Yes it is - and it's kicking us in the teeth, and the administrator's of our PCT sit there and continue to have the audacity to state that they do provide IVF as their ruling 'does not apply in some cases of exceptional clinical need'.

So if my wife was in the six month window between 39.5yrs and 40yrs old or had a terminal disease, we may be eligible, otherwise we have to remain one of the 5% of the entire UK that does not have access to NHS-funded IVF treatment.

Can you stop kicking us in the teeth now please?

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